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My Service Life


Bill Balmer 

1939 - 1979



Royal Marine's Kit Inspection 1939


Chapter 1 - My Early Life

Chapter 2 - Joining The Royal Marines

Chapter 3 - World War Two

Chapter 4 - Prisoner of War

Chapter 5 - Prisoner of War Camps

Chapter 6 - Labour Camps

Chapter 7 - Liberation

Chapter 8 - The Return to England

Chapter 9 - Back to Chatham

Chapter 10 - Commando Training

Chapter 11 - Malaya

Chapter 12 - The B Specials

Chapter 13 - The Notes on The Book

Last Update : July 24 2008

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The Regimental Association of The Ulster Defence Regiment CGC


Stalag VIIIB Prisoner of War Camp





Some of the text and photos used on this site have been provided by Glenda Rodgers from her book, 

The Fallen of the Causeway Coast:1939-1945, Bushmills.







Also included is text from the following web sites 


The Coleraine Battery                              Echo Company 5UDR